Machinery and Equipments
Other Complements
Individual pasterizators.

Stainless steel or plastic made conveyor belts for dairies.

High quality Centrifugal pumps and volumetric Lobe pumps for a efficient product handling and processing.

Classical or Micro-perforated moulds, individual or block-moulds, made in polyprophilene.

Diatom Filters for Brine cleanliness.

Automatic or manual carts for the turning over of some kind of cheeses.

Draining Trays.

Draining belts, filters and every kind of Mats for whey draining. Plastic and stainless steel Trays.

Special machinery for Dairy industries.

Machine rebuildings.

Realiable Valves and stainless steel Fittings for dairy and food industrie.

Moreover, We can supply you with other complements needed for your dairy. Let us know your necessities or ask for quotation!!!