Machinery and Equipments
A World of Molding, Filling and Dosing Machines
Multiformat Molding Machine
Multiformat Molding Station. From the same vat, it can produce, continuously and without any change or stop to change from one type to another, up to 6 different cheese types, successively or continuously produced.
It is a molding station able to get ready for the filling of clasical and cloth incorporated moulds or microperforated moulds, individual or block-moulds.

Rotative Molding Machine
Rotary Molding Machine: A very efficient machine for high productions. Very appropiate for the blind structure or with “no eyes” cheese, in different sizes, from 100 gr up to 10 kg. Like some of the others, is adjustable with a vacuum moulding system or with a rotary draining system to produce the granular cheese. The weight of the cheeses is easily adjustable too, mechanically or electronically, also during the production.

Static Molding Machine

Static Tubular Molding Machine for the continuously production of hard and semi-hard cheese, from 150 gr/u up to 10 kg/u, where the weight and height of the cheese blocks are instantaneously adjustable by means of a electronical system.

Dosing Systems for Soft and Blue-veined Cheeses
Filling system for the sharing out of the curd into trays, able to work with moulds or block-moulds. This special trays have their own draining mats incorporated. Depending on the cheese type, a previous draining belt can also be supplied, with charts for the turning over of the cheeses, if required.