The Company
Since 1986, MILKARSA® started distributing machines, equipments and technology for the main european companies, and since 1996, starts building itself the whole range of machines and equipments for dairies.

Nowadays, MILKARSA® is an experimented and contrasted trade mark able to guarantee, to all its customers, the most appropiate and special solution to their specific manufacturing necessities, offering a whole range of machinery and equipment for the cheese industry; from small dairy production lines to highly mechanised and technological cheese production plants.

With this, and a few successful worlwide experiences, MILKARSA® has today the possibility to introduce itself in every market offering always a reliable and experienced equipments, whatever is the concrete type of cheese to produce.

Drawing department:
-DELL and INTERGRAPH workstations.
-SOLID EDGE drawing software.

Electrical/Automation Department: Designs, developes and produces the electrical drawings, electrical boxes and control panels. Also developes the programmes required for the specific automation process, installing the best existing PLCs, and electrical conponents.

Delivery terms, Prizing, Ordering, and supply consulting rapid-answer department.

Production Department: Takes to reality the designed machinery mounting the different parts fo the machine, made exclusively in AISI-304 or AISI-316L Stainless Steel, or other technical components allowed for the dairy industry.We count on other highly specialized workshops such as mechanical and boiler workshops that make easier the final assembling of the machine/s in our facilities.

Mounting and assembling department: Specilized people that set the machinery up and undertake to start them up, previously mounted in our plant.

Maintenance and after-sale department: Modem assisted modifications on the installed programmes, phone assistance or personal assitance for whatever mechanical or programm modifications.

MILKARSA®, with a permanent Innovation mentality and thanks to the confidence and collaboration of our customers and supliers, never build two equal machines. Innovations guides constantly all our steps at the time of designing a new machine with the only purpose of improving the existing solutions so that we can provide our customers with the best prize-quality solution, design and components, all them able to be proved in the daily and everyday working.

Our customers are gladed to see the highest value of their old MILKARSA® Machines at the time they wanna renew their Euipments. MILKARSA® will negotiate the best residual value for these, as in a leasing or renting, in order to keep always our customers with the latest Machines and Technology.